Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday, November 26, 2007

So It's Been Awhile

So I had this blog post all ready in my head, only to get home and run into a major roadblock. I don't have the correct cable to download the pictures from the digital camera. CRAP!!!

So I'll bring you up to speed a little and then I'll have to post the pictures later.

My Dad (Who is the greatest Dad in the World) has been remodeling my bedroom and part of the bathroom. I have pictures taken from step one until today...when my father painted the room. I have to say, it looks marvelous. :) All that's left to do in the bedroom is the floor and putting up the molding for the baseboards. Not too shabby, especially since he's only been working for about a week and a half. So far he has ripped out 3 of the walls, replaced them after putting in insulation, removed wallpaper from the ceiling and the remaining wall, and painted, first a base coat on the ceiling and one wall, and then the actual colors that I wanted!! And it's so cool! For the first time I'm really excited about this project.

I'll post more details once I get the pictures downloaded from the camera and posted here.

My friends D&L are a having a baby, so I've been busy working on a baby quilt for them. I am also still working on S&S's wedding quilt, as well as another one for me (that is more or less on the back burner for the moment), and one block at a time, the Peace and Applique Saturday Sampler Quilt (I have two blocks done, plus a dupe of the second block for a total of three). I'll post pictures of all of these when I get the chance (see the reason above).